Konstantin Batynkov exhibition «Cartography» till 07.16.17


The new exhibition of Konstantin Batynkov, “Cartography”, combines two series of artworks, united by the content. The basis of this exhibition will be large-sized paintings on vinyl paper. These are new art works made in color.
In unison with this material the author will show his graphics and collages from 1994, shown before only on his personal exhibition in Moscow Museum of Modern art.
“Cartography” is well-loved theme of Batynkov, which was suddenly continued after many years. In his traditional and recognizable manner the artist reflects about “planetary” problems and about the way to fix our dynamic world and his lines, by depicting it on the format of geographic maps.

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Krokin gallery 

Moscow, Klimentovskiy per. 9/1 

Please call before visit: +7 (964) 564-0303 

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