A dialog is always a look into an opponent.  But in the opponent we see our own reflection, what means — we see ourselves. We ascribe to this reflection our psychology, our preferences and… our unwillingness to understand our interlocutor.


At the same time there is always a fear to see our reflection with all these clandestine personal wishes, expectations and sins… Herefrom starts a rebellion against all the information falling out on you.  And you can not understand where you are and where your reflection is. You can only calm yourself by telling that it is just a play of a bowed mirror, just an illusion…


“Intercommunications” – is a try to set free a dialog from linguistic from. Two mirrors stand opposite one another, moving and vibrating with different amplitude – they are “conducting a dialogue”. There is an emotional dramatic action – from silent whisper to passionate outburst. Frequently being reflected in each other they create a mystic tunnel of endless reflections. But this tunnel is imaginary, illusionary space leading to nowhere.

Kirill Aleksandrov

11 March — 29 March 2015

Russia, Moscow, Klimentovskiy per., 9/1



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