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The art of Francisco Infante and Nonna Goryunova is based on the tradition of classic Russian avant-garde and perfectly fits in the modern mainstream art practice.

The artists’ position is discussed in the try to refer the a priori Genesis laws to the multiplicate metaphors of the art existence. Infante and Goryunova have introduced a concept of the “artifact”, which is understandable as a visual unity of two realities: nature and art, as a capacious metaphor of the beauty.

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The dignity of the figured system is its integrity not with extensive variability. Over the years the authors have been searching and achieving this quality in their art. Their new project is a regular try of a synthesis of the local nature condition and integrative comprehension. “Metaphors of moments” project is a fixation of this condition, its nuances and transformation. In this context the condition prevail over the constitution. The constitution is not excluded, it is presented at the authors’ method specifics, their algorithm, but it visualizes something different.

In one of his interviews Francisco noticed, that “for every man, including artists, it is vital to make efforts not to loose foundations”. The construction is the foundation here, but it is utterly unnoticeable and structured in the nature.

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The new project is a complicated metaphor of the reality, its reproduction with the impressionistic delicacy, with the abundance of the pulsating color shades, forms and meanings.

Russia, Moscow, Klimentovskiy per., 9/1



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